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Outdoor landscape lighting project has entered an explosive period

In the past two years, multiple favorable factors such as economy, policy, technology and other factors have promoted the rapid growth of the domestic landscape lighting market demand, driving a large number of outdoor landscape lighting engineering companies to enter the outbreak period. many of cities have created urban night scenes, created waterscapes, and decorated history landscape using solar led landscape lights.

Nowadays, every city attaches great importance to the night tour economy, and lighting has become a city's cultural business card and tourist signboard, and many tourists like to go to a city because of lighting. The development of the night tour economy has brought attention to the construction of urban lighting landscape projects, and the lighting industry has also ushered in higher standards and requirements. What used to be decorative lighting for landscapes is now gradually becoming an urban infrastructure. The concept of green development of the lighting industry, energy saving and emission reduction will light up the sustainable development of the city. The construction needs of landscape lighting also provide new development opportunities for the lighting industry, but at the same time also face new challenges, innovation and environmental protection will become a strong competitiveness of lighting product manufacturers. Only those companies with strong competitiveness can not be eliminated by the market.


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