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Jamaica will be exempted from import duties on solar equipment and LED lights

According to the Jamaican "Surveyors", the Minister of Energy Powell said recently that the Cabinet of Ministers has decided to immediately amend the law to exempt the import duties on solar equipment and LED lights.

Powell said that in 2013, the Government of Nigeria announced that it would no longer implement the Caribbean unified foreign tariffs on some energy-saving equipment, and also waive the general consumption tax on products such as wind turbines, solar cells and solar water pumps, demonstrating the government’s determination to develop energy-saving industries and renewable energy.

Currently, the Government of Jamaica is cooperating with the Inter-American Development Bank to implement energy conservation projects, hoping to reduce the electricity price from the current US$0.38-0.42/kWh to US$0.15-0.18/kWh. The total investment of the project is about 20 million US dollars.


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