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Environmentally friendly in the office with LED lighting

Of course you don't want to live environmentally friendly in your own home . This is just as important in the office, you will of course also spend quite a few hours here. In this blog we explain how you can also live in an environmentally friendly environment at the office.

Second-hand furniture

It may be tempting to put brand new furniture in your office. After all, this is how you think you can make a good impact on visitors at the office. However, used furniture is much more durable. In addition, you can make a better influence on visitors. In this way they will see that you are environmentally conscious as a company. And as this is becoming an increasingly popular topic, it can only benefit your relationship.

In addition, second-hand furniture naturally brings cost savings with it. With the money you save, you can make investments in other parts of your company.

Wasted energy due to lighting

The energy wasted by office buildings is enormous. Often the lights stay on all night. And this is total wasted energy, if no night workers are present.

A solution to this is switching to LED lighting. LED lighting is more environmentally friendly than other variants. With LED lighting you save on your energy bill. And especially if your office needs to be lit 24/7.

Environmentally friendly with a green roof

If the budget allows you, a green roof can provide many benefits. With a green roof we mean a grass roof. A grass roof provides insulation in the winter. This means less energy is needed for heating and other things.

Recycling and LED lighting

A nice combination for an environmentally friendly office is second-hand furniture and LED lighting. On the one hand, you ensure cost savings through the LED lighting and furniture. On the other hand, you also do your part to reduce the emission of harmful substances to the environment. And this is becoming more important every day.


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