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Companies pay attention: tips to save money (and the environment)

As an entrepreneur you are constantly concerned with the costs of your company. After all, saving money is always welcome. Your employees must receive their wages and your household effects also entail a lot of costs. In addition, the pressure is increasing to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. This can be alarming for many entrepreneurs. However, this does not have to be the case at all. On the contrary: environmentally friendly entrepreneurship and cost savings often go hand in hand. That is why today we give tips to save both the planet and your wallet.

Save money? Switch to LED!

Electricity is a major expense for entrepreneurs. In addition, the use of electricity has a negative impact on the environment. Using less power is therefore excellent for both the entrepreneur and the environment.

Logically, we also recommend that you switch with your lighting to LED lighting as a first step . Whether you use fluorescent tubes or halogen lamps. LED lighting can use up to 90% less power and often last ten times longer. Consider the costs that you save in the long term. In addition, it is often the case that LED lighting pays for itself within six months. A nice side effect is that LED is completely free of harmful chemicals such as mercury, which is a regular occurrence with other lamps. This makes it even more environmentally friendly.

Purchase stock close to the store

For some companies it is necessary to import goods from distant countries. However, we recommend keeping this close to the case as much as possible. This way you save shipping costs and the CO2 footprint of your company is much less. Are you going to shop at your local community? Then also build a better relationship, which in turn benefits your brand.

Continue your marketing activities digitally

Traditional marketing activities such as advertisements in newspapers, billboards and radio are becoming less and less popular. And that is not without reason. Online marketing is often a lot more cost effective. In addition, it is also better for the environment.

This way you place your company on Facebook and Instagram for free and you already have a website for a small investment. Social media is a unique opportunity to bring in enormous potential with your company at a relatively low cost.

Hopefully we have made it clear with this article that you often save the environment with cost savings. Because these two things often go hand in hand. Do you have any tips for other entrepreneurs or individuals to save costs?  


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