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Analysis of the operation of the lighting appliance industry under the epidemic situation

After the Spring Festival, lighting companies across the country actively resumed production. In the face of staff shortages and price chaos in the supply chain, they have made active efforts and huge sacrifices to complete existing overseas orders in a timely manner and work overtime to complete the orders. However, due to the outbreak of the overseas epidemic, export companies generally face the dilemma of chargebacks and postponement of shipments, while new orders have fallen year-on-year. According to the communication and understanding between LEDMANN Lighting System and industry organizations in other countries, various countries have restricted the operation of some business formats due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, and the restrictions of individual countries have affected the operation and sales of lighting products.

1. The current production situation is relatively stable, but it is mainly about processing the previous stock orders;

2. There are generally refunds or postponements of shipments, and the backlog of product inventory is relatively concentrated;

3. Depending on the size of the company and the difference in export regions, the number of refunds or postponed shipments varies from 20-70%. At present, the situation of chargebacks or delayed shipments or scattered shipments to Europe, North America and other severely epidemic areas is more prominent. The proportion of chargebacks in Central and South America, Eastern Europe and other places is currently relatively low;

4. New orders decreased by 20-50% compared with the same period last year. Especially after entering April, new orders dropped significantly, and small and medium-sized enterprises in places such as Guangdong and Shenzhen even had no orders to do;

5. Export companies are generally unclear and not optimistic about the foreign trade market situation in May and June;

6. Small and medium-sized export companies have more pressure to deal with chargebacks and the reduction of new orders than large export companies;

7. The production of lighting products related to other industries is also affected. For example, automotive lighting manufacturers are currently mainly stock orders, and overseas orders are seriously affected.


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